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At the Transfer Station

All vehicles hauling waste are weighed at the transfer station, both going in and going out. Loads are subject
to random inspections.  Small children and pets are required to stay in the vehicle.  To view a map of all the transfer stations click here.

Accepted Waste

Only non-hazardous waste is accepted at the transfer station. Non-hazardous waste includes municipal solid
waste, including household and commercial refuse, such as food wastes, non-recyclable paper, plastics, small
non-recyclable metals, glass, easily airborne plastic or paper films, bags or sheets.

Non-hazardous industrial solid waste, as defined by the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement
Act (AEPEA) and the Waste Control Regulation, may be accepted.

Prohibited Waste

Waste defined as hazardous by AEPEA and the Waste Control Regulation isn’t
permitted at the transfer station. Hazardous wastes include:

Biomedical waste

Radioactive waste


Bulk liquids, including sump wastes

Specified Risk Materials (SRM)

Ashes and burn barrel waste asbestos

Propane containers

Inert wastes that can be accepted at the Class III landfill

Mixed Loads

Unsorted loads will not be allowed to dump at the transfer station. These mixed
loads may  be accepted at the Class III Landfill:

Dry waste mixed with wet waste

Metal mixed in with wet waste

Tires mixed in with wet waste

Oily containers mixed in with wet waste

Any recyclable items mixed with wet waste

Wire or cable mixed in with wet waste

Bulk liquids

Any hazardous waste in the load

Any sealed containers (containers must have tops open and be empty of liquid)

Mixed loads may be accepted at the discretion of the site operator.

Class III Landfill

Accepted Class III Landfill Waste

Inert solid waste is accepted at the Class III landfill, including construction, renovation and demolition waste.  Dry waste,

such as shingles, concrete, furniture, drywall, and non-asbestos insulation is accepted.

For items not mentioned on this page, please check with the individual site operators.

Prohibited Class III Landfill Waste

Municipal solid waste

Grass, leaves and yard waste

Dead animals and specified risk materials (SRM)

Chemically treated wood

Recyclable Material

These materials will be directed to designated storage or processing areas:


Automobiles and parts

Household appliances (charge for CFC removal)

Mixed metals

Automotive batteries

Used tires

Waste oil and oil containers

Paint and paint containers

Yard waste and other composting material (Cold Lake only)

Transfer Stations