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Beaver River Regional Waste Management Commission

The Beaver River Regional Waste Management Commission manages waste with transfer stations.

Sorting Waste for Transfer Stations

Different waste types must be separated before delivering them to the designated location at the transfer station.

Only municipal solid waste such as household refuse, or commercial refuse such as food wastes and non-recyclable paper, is accepted at the transfer station.

Class III landfill sites at the transfer sites accept waste from construction, demolition and renovation projects and anything else classified as inert solid waste. Class III waste is subject to tipping fees.

Recyclable materials are diverted to storage or processing areas.

Operations at Transfer Stations

Transfer stations are operated by the municipalities where they’re located, in accordance with regulations.  New Rules and Regulations are in place for transfer stations that explain procedures for maintaining safety and environmental standards at the sites. They also outline which types of waste can or cannot be accepted at the transfer station.

You can also find a brief overview of accepted and prohibited waste here. Site operators and scale attendants are happy to answer any questions you have when you visit your transfer station.

Class III Tipping Fees

For Class III landfill rate sheets and further information contact:

Mark Power

Town of Bonnyville CAO


Waste Services

Town of Bonnyville Public Works


Waste Services

City of Cold Lake Public Works


Waste Services

Municipal District of Bonnyville


Thank you for joining with us to manage waste responsibly.

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